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Mental Codes and Cognitive Flexibility in the Digital Transformation: How to Develop a New Pattern of Knowledge.

15 de July, 2018

In her book “Mindset”, Stanford neuroscientist Carol Dweck proposes the theory that a person’s mental structure determines his or her chance of success in life.... See more

The Impostor Syndrome and How to Deal with It.

15 de July, 2018

Who has never asked himself this in times of success or happiness?

Zen and the Art of Listening.

15 de July, 2018

Fully listening, paying attention to the person talking to you is the key driver of social awareness (the ability to accurately pick up on emotions... See more

Detachment: the Key to Success in Negotiations

15 de July, 2018

There is an incredible amount of literature out there regarding negotiation, and the key factors for succeeding at it. Most pieces point to the importance... See more

The Benefits of Meditation for Negotiation Techniques

15 de July, 2018

Everyone knows nowadays how a constant practice of meditation brings many benefits to our lives: from reducing stress and improving our circulation and immune system,... See more



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