Why the Launch of IGTV (and the Vertical Format) Will Start a Revolution in the World of Mobile Video.

Why the Launch of IGTV (and the Vertical Format) Will Start a Revolution in the World of Mobile Video.

15 de July, 2018

Recently, Instagram announced Instagram TV (IGTV), a tab inside the App (and also a separate app) where initially a select group of creators, and further ahead everyone, could upload vertical videos up to an hour.
This is a direct blow to YouTube, and from my point of view it will get a chunk of the world’s current video leader market for a number of reasons.

As a matter of fact, IGTV will revolutionize this world because:

– The format of the videos will be vertical: this is the (present and) future of the videos. Each time we consume videos on our smartphone, and the traditional horizontal format is outdated. On YouTube, too much access is through the Desktop – but even on the smartphone, having to turn the device to see the video optimally is something that disrupts the user experience;

– Democratizes the creation of videos for being 100% mobile: who says that YouTube is a democratic platform, is mistaken. To stand out on the platform, you have to invest in expensive equipment because the fact that many people still watch in the horizontal format on the desktop, makes the quality of the recording almost as important as the content. I, for example, do not upload more videos to LinkedIn on YouTube because the quality is not good enough. The fact that in IGTV people will consume the video only on their mobile phone, makes everything possible on their smartphone, since the recording (in 720 is great too) until the edition (Filmr App for example was thought to this situation and by vertical videos, and is the perfect tool to follow this evolution);

– Instagram already has a more engaged, captive audience: even though you’re a Subscriber on a YouTube channel, you do not have the same engagement with a similar creator you have on Instagram: here you go along with his / her life for the photos you put, and by the Stories. Contact is much closer, and the chance of you discovering watch watch longer content produced by him / her is higher. We also know that Instagram users access the platform more often than YouTube.



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