The question that every salesperson asks themselves, in the face of Digital Transformation, is: will I continue to be relevant? What will my role be? Will technology replace me?

These are normal questions to ask, given the changes that the Digital world has introduced in sales and customer relationships. But faced with the fear of replacement by technology, Andrea shows the audience that no, we will not be replaced as sales force, but on the contrary – we will be reinforced.

Because the more sales teams outsource to technology what it knows how to perform best (the entire transactional aspect) in the relationship with the customer, it will free more time and emotional resources available for us to truly learn to focus more on the customer and to accelerate our sales in the Digital world.

In this talk, Andrea shares the necessary tools for this salesperson transformation in the Digital world.

Innovation is not a result, but a constant process of responding to changing customer needs. That's why innovation in the Digital world needs to be part of your culture.
The leadership style that brought us here is not the one that will lead our companies in the future. The question for leaders is: are you changing as fast as the world is changing?
In the world of Digital Transformation, technology is a means, not the end. It is primarily a human transformation.


Testimonials from some Andrea's clients

Flávio Baltensberger

Diretor de Transformação DigitalSupergasbras

Em nossa jornada de transformação digital, a mudança da forma de pensar foi um fator decisivo. Fomos muitos felizes em convidar o Andrea para nos apoiar nessa missão, e com presença constante em nossos eventos e programas de desenvolvimento de líderes, ele traz um conteúdo atual aliado a casos reais, que desafiam o nosso time […]

Belmar da Costa


“I invited Andrea to talk to my executive team about how to foster relationships of trust in remote teams, after the pandemics. The results were great! He made us reflect deeply with an inspiring and provocative talk at the same time. Thanks!"

Marcelo Bossoni

Diretor de Tecnologia e Entretenimento TV Globo

"We developed a Digital Transformation project in partnership with Andrea, with a lot of exchange of experiences and deep reflections. It was 6 months of intense work, where we were actually able to bring the agenda of digital transformation to my teams' day to day work. Without a doubt it was one of the most exciting projects I ever did!"

With more than 200 keynotes delivered (online and offline) in 2021 to clients across Brazil, Latin America, the United States and Europe, Andrea is today one of the most requested speakers on Digital Transformation, Leadership, Innovation and Soft Skills in Brazil and globally. He has been the head of Tinder in Latin America for 5 years, and Chief Digital Officer at L’Oréal. Today he is also a best-selling author, and a professor at the Executive MBA at Fundação Dom Cabral.


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