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In this article filled with testimonials from the leading Digital Transformation experts in the pharmaceutical industry, Andrea lists the top 6 areas of opportunity for the Pharma industry in the Web3, from blockchain to the metaverse, from NFTs to digital twins – clearly presenting to leaders what the main opportunities for the Pharma sector in the Web3 era.

23 de May, 2022 | 52 min

Think about the following situation, which I'm sure happened with you in the workplace: your manager sits down with you during an end-of-year review session and sets your goals for the year to come. After setting your business unit sales growth target of 15% […]

12 de January, 2022 | 16 min

Recently, right in the midst of the Covid-19 crisis, I had the opportunity to speak to teams at Sanofi about the Challenges and Opportunities of the Digital Transformation in the pharmaceutical sector - during and after the pandemic. The truth is that the responsibility upon the Pharmaceutical sector has never been greater: it needs to transform itself quickly to combat […]

11 de January, 2022 | 41 min

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